Test anxiety was never a big issue for me, fortunately. Of course, I’ve gotten a bit nervous for big exams like the SAT or OAT. But I never felt like it drastically affected my performance.

That is, until optometry school, where I failed consecutive proficiencies.

Obviously, I definitely should have…

Choosing the right grad school for you can help you maximize your potential and achieve your career goals

Just a heads up, if you’re not picky and/or you’re content with attending whatever graduate school you get into, then this may not be the article for you.

If you’re single, people often ask “What do you look for in a partner?”. …

Also, always remember to wash your hands for about 20 seconds!

In college, I remember one of my friends telling me “if you can do something in under 5 minutes, do it now.” I’m sure that you’ve heard some variation of this idea before. But, do you actually follow it in your daily life? If you already do, then awesome! …

College is one of the best times to start building helpful habits. These five things can help you lay the foundation for success and wellness that will continue to grow for a lifetime.

Even if you’ve already graduated, don’t worry. It’s not too late to start trying these things. …

Matt G.

Aspiring optometrist. Check out my blog, https://prehealthmusings.com for more tips, ideas, and inspiration for pre-health students and beyond!

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